Technical Support

You don’t have time for downtime.

To help keep your marking and coding operation running smoothly we offer both on-site technical service and technical phone support. Whether you need to troubleshoot a problem, get regular maintenance instructions or service, or diagnose a more complex repair, we are here to help.

For technical phone support or to request onsite service from one of our EBS Service Technicians contact us at:
Phone: (847) 996-0739


No one knows your EBS Printer better than your professionally-trained EBS Service Technicians. If your equipment requires repairs and/or maintenance, let us take care of it. Our expert repair technicians evaluate, repair, and test EBS printers for peak-performance operation. They have the thorough training and the right diagnostic equipment to help ensure your printer is operating at peak performance.

For details, contact us at:
Phone: (847) 996-0739

EBS PRinter Training

We understand the importance of smooth-operating printing equipment so EBS is pleased to offer training sessions on all of our products at our facility or yours to ensure proper setup and operation of your ink-jet printing system.

  • Operator sessions include training on how to run and create messages and how to keep print heads clean.
  • Maintenance training covers preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and special applications.
  • Distributor training classes are also available

For details, contact us at:
Phone: (847) 996-0739

Ink-jet Printer Supplies

EBS stocks spare parts and other supplies for all of our high-performance industrial ink-jet systems for quick delivery.

It’s easy to order supplies from EBS.

  • Download the appropriate Supply Parts PDF file (to come)
  • Call (847) 996-0739
  • Email:
  • Fax (847) 996-0843 to order parts and get quotes.

We promise great customer service from knowledgeable representatives and fast shipping to meet your needs.