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We are excited to be introducing a new EBS-6600 Continuous Ink-Jet Small Character In-Line Printer at the show as well as exhibiting wireless and portable EBS 260 & 250 Hand-Held Ink-Jet Printers. On this page you will find our Pack Expo International 2018 trade show press release with detailed product information, EBS Ink-Jet Systems USA corporate information, photos, videos, and logos. All we would ask is that you email us for approval before you use any of the pictures, videos, or logos you find. Media Contacts: Cathy Westhouse, The Narup Group, 847.853.9400, cwesthouse@narup.com and Chris Brown, EBS Ink-Jet Systems, Inc., 847.996.0739 c.brown@ebs-Inkjet.com

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EBS-260 and EBS-250 Video

Wireless, lightweight portable, EBS 260 and EBS 250 ink-jet printers mark on almost any surface. Replaces paint, stencils, and hand written information.

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