Complete Coding Solution with Maximum Flexibility and Easy Handling Replaces Expensive Labels 

The EBS-2500 Series industrial Ink-Jet printer for large character high resolution printing is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one system for making high-quality printouts on all porous surfaces. It replaces expensive labels and offers the best printing quality at all times.

The EBS-2500 Series is lightweight, compact and easy to install.  An LCD 5.7” color display with a touch screen allows for simple printer control, file management and maintenance with a built-in message-preview function.

Draft printouts can be created and edited conveniently with the application of a web browser and transferred via an Ethernet interface, and the system works under virtually any operation system (Windows®, Linux®, Mac®). There’s no need to install printer-specific software – only general purpose Firefox® web browser is required. 

The EBS-2500 Series also has plenty of options for flexibility, offering fixed text and variable text (counters, date, expiry date, text files and RS-232 data). In addition to included TrueType® fonts, an unlimited number of user fonts may be installed, and text, graphics, bar codes and 2D codes can be resized and rotated easily.

Designed to be user-friendly, The EBS-2500 Series has automatic detection of conveyor parameters and has excellent resistance to air accumulation inside the head due to strikes or shocks. This feature is much better than in any other printers of this type on the market. 



Number of nozzles: 510
Nozzle pitch: 141.1 μm (approx. 1/180 inch) o Vertical resolution: 180 dpi
Active printing height: 71.8mm (2.827 inch) o Firing frequency: 7kHz
Printing speed at horizontal resolution:

  • 360 dpi: 30 m/min (98.42 ft/min)
  • 180 dpi: 60 m/min (196.85 ft/min)
  • 90 dpi: 120 m/min (393.70 ft/min)

Ink: oil based only
Drop volume: 35 pl
Intensity control (of whole printout)
Print distance from nozzle to substrate (for best quality of printouts): maximum 4 mm
Ink bottle capacity: 0.5 l (allows for up to 0.5 million printouts – project resolution: 500 x 500, 10% ink coverage)
USB pendrive: factory installed 1 GByte
File systems: FAT, FAT32 (possibility of back up data with standard PC computer
Barcodes: EAN codes, Code 11, Code 25, codabar, Leticode, Code 39, GS1-128 (UCC/EAN 128), Code 128, 2D:Data Matrix, 2D:MicroPDF417 and others
Communication, connections:

  • 1x Ethernet: TCP/IP, Web server, Network neighborhood (for pendrive network share)
  • 2x USB 2.0 connectors: Storage memory (factory installed pendrive), Other optional EBS equipment (RS-232 converter, signal lamp, etc.)

Triggering/synchronization: Built-in product detector (photocell), External product-detector connector (optional), External shaft encoder connector (optional)
Dimensions: 420mm (16.54”) L x 160mm (6.30”) W x 210 mm (8.27”) D
Weight: 4.8 kg (2.18 lbs) – with 0.5 l ink bottle
Cabinet: Stainless steel, protective class: IP 54 / NEMA13
Operating temperature range: 40°F – 104°F (5°C – 40°C)
Relative humidity: Up to 80% non-condensing
Power supply (included in cabinet): AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 0.95 – 0.45 A / max. 24 W –low power consumption 

For more information, download (PDF)