Modular Ink-Jet Controller for Large Character Printing Non-Contact Labeling On Moving Factory Conveyors 


The EBS-1500 Series Large Character Printer (LCP) is a low resolution industrial Ink-Jet printing system capable of using multiple print-heads from a single controller (Drop-on-Demand, DOD, technology).

The EBS-1500 printer is used to label in a non-contact way, with objects moving on factory conveyors. Their 7- to 64-nozzle print-heads produce large prints varying in height between 6 and 115 mm.  Our print-heads are capable of using solvent-based inks that adhere well to non-porous substrates, including glass, metal, plastic, and more.

The EBS-1500 Series features leading-edge electronics encased inside rugged steel housings, and includes on-board software that makes it easy to create and print alphanumeric text and graphic images without the use of a computer.

EBS-1500 Series-based systems provide a high level of flexibility.  Every system consists of a controller which can support up to six print-heads (depends on total number of nozzles).




Printhead: Maximum of 6
Matrix: 5×5, 7×5, 9×5, 9×7, 11×8, 12×6, 2×7, 14×9, 16×10, 16×14, 21×15, 25×15, 32×18, 64×36
Memory: 1024 texts; 256KB

EM Printheads:

Nozzles: 16, 32, 64
Character Size: 5mm to 115mm
Head position: Any
Ink: Water-, Ethanol-, Acetone-, MEK-based
Distance to Object: 2mm to 20mm
Print speed: dependent on matrix 

For more information, download (PDF)