6600 Continuous Ink-Jet Small Character
In-Line Printer

Efficient Operation, NEW Print Head Design and Low Power Consumption Features

model_6600 -resized.png


With its touch-screen display, EBS’s low-maintenance 6600 Continuous Ink-Jet (CIJ) printer for precise in-line small-character product marking and package coding prints crisp, multi-lingual alphanumeric small character, text and bar codes on virtually any surface.

Printer operation is efficient and downtime greatly reduced with the new 6600 printer.  The printer features 30 days of continuous start-up and shut down operation without the need for print head cleaning and an optional battery backup that provides five full minutes of operation without power.

The 6600 features extremely low operating costs, new ink and solvent formulation that requires less solvent consumption and a new Solvent Reservoir which can clean even when the Solvent Bottle is empty.

Highlights of the new durably-designed print head include pulse solvent cleaning which results in an extremely clean nozzle and significantly lower manual print head maintenance.

Available Options:

  • Heavy Duty Printhead Umbilical
    • 90° PH option available (also easy to change)
    • 3m, 4m, and 6m length options
  • UPS option for power outages
    • 4 very large capacitors
  • Optional PCB’s for Accessory Connections
    • P330404000-175510 New connector board Lamp/Alarm Stop
    • P330405000-175547 New connector board with RS-232 included
    • P330388030-175502 New connector board with everything
  • New Alarm Lamp (with siren)
  • Green, Red and Siren
  • New Alarm Lamp Bracket
  • IP65 Air Connections
  • Codeswitch
  • RS-232
  • Conveyor Stop (Relay Output)
  • Counter Reset
  • Automatically switch between text files
  • Traversing Printhead Function
  • New Brackets
  • Air Supply Filter Option

Operation Features:

  • 30-day startup and shutdown WITHOUT CLEANING THE PRINTHEAD
  • 3x distance HV Plate to Ink Stream
  • 3x distance Ink Stream to Gutter
  • New material on Nozzle
  • New alloy material on Gun Assembly
  • Pulsed cleaning at startup and shutdown
  • Ethernet connection is standard
  • New Printhead Cover
  • New Filter and Last Chance Filter
  • New Ink Formulation and Solvent Formulation
    • XI32001
    • XS32004
  • 3.5 cm distance – Printhead to Substrate (nominal)
  • Completely closed electronics
  • Very low power consumption
  • New Solvent Reservoir – Can clean even if Solvent Bottle is empty
  • New Text Profiles with auto-adjustment
    • High Speed
    • Small Height
  • Select Text Fonts in use; Turn off those not in use;
  • Print Height has a new % setting

Service Features:

  • Remove all PCB’s without disassembly of cabinet
  • Perform printhead replacement (if necessary) in minutes with Quick Disconnects on all fluid and electrical connections
  • Nozzle filter integrated into housing (easier to remove and clean)
  • Positive Air now adjustable
  • Replace gutter in seconds
  • Replace phase detector in seconds
  • Simple tools for printhead adjustments
  • Auto-Calibration of Ink Stream Break-Off Point
  • New Service Procedure Manual