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Handheld, Small Character and Large Character Continuous Ink-Jet Printers

Our Ink-Jet Drop on Demand (DOD) and Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers clearly and quickly mark text, graphic images and bar codes. Dating, numbering, coding and data printing is easily transferred from computers, automatic scales, barcode readers, control equipment and other external devices. 

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At EBS‐USA, we provide customers with more thaN industrial ink‐jet printers

Quick Delivery ‐ Our warehouse is stocked with a large inventory of ink‐jet printers and supplies which means that you get your printers and supplies delivered when you need them. 


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Try Before You Buy - Print Samples – Test and inspect character size, dry time, color FPM speed and number of prints before you buy.

Onsite Demonstrations and Trials – Test our printers in your facility, and on your specific applications, against any competitive printers. 

Customer Training – To ensure proper setup and operation of your ink-jet printing systems, we offer leading-edge training sessions on all of our products either on-site or at our facility. 

Full Service Repair Center – No one knows your EBS printer better than your professionally-trained EBS Service Technicians. If your equipment requires repairs and/or maintenance, let us take care of it. Our expert repair technicians evaluate, repair, and test EBS printers for peak-performance operation either on-site or at our facility.  

Technical Support – Reduce downtime with either our technical on-site service or phone support. Whether you need to troubleshoot a problem, get regular maintenance instructions or service, or diagnose a more complex repair, we are here to help. 

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Ink-Jet Applications

Ink-Jet Applications

EBS-USA industrial ink-jet printing systems are successfully used in a wide variety of industrial and service applications 

EBS non-contact printing technology clearly prints on a variety of material and surface types —even coarse or porous surfaces or those containing depressions or protrusions:

• Paper
• Fabric
• Natural Materials
• Plastics
• Metals
• Glass and Ceramic Ware
• Wood and Wood-Like Products

• Leather and Leather-Like Goods
• Construction Materials and A Variety Of Derived Products
• Food Products
• Pharmaceutical Agents
• Raw Materials: Prefabricated, Intermediate Work-In-Progress and Finished Goods


Our printers use a wide range of organic-solvent and water-based colored pigments and non-pigment inks.